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Selmer Balanced Action

Original Silver Plated.

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This is a great super late vintage Selmer Balanced Action tenor sax, serial number. It's the more flexible and gentle horn of the 3 legendary Selmer models.This horn was made in 1937.


his horn plays with all the greatest attributes of a balanced tenor. The silver plating warms up the sound, imagine a powerful BA with an even richer sound, and you'll get the idea. Projection is great and easy, and the tone stays in all registers. Altissimo speaks especially easily. It is a fantastic tenor and beatiful. Excellent intonation.


Here is a great vintage Selmer Balanced Action tenor saxophone, serial number 23XXX. These horns are getting harder to find in excellent condition and this tenor is just that; a fantastic player for those looking for the Selmer core sound but wanting for a little more flexibility.

This balance action looks nice and plays incredible. Big sound, sweet and mellow, but with big powerful.

The original silver plating on this tenor is over 70%. It has a beautiful geometric pattern engraved. New selmer mother of pearls.


All of the engraving, even the fine details, remains clearly intact. Pads on this horn are nearly new, with brown plastic resonators. The sax has been set up by Saxquest's Chris Watrous and feels perfect under the fingers.

These vintage BA's are great horns. They have the same kind of richness and warmth that you could find on the later Selmers, but the tone is a little darker, and the sound a little more flexible, meaning you can bend and shape notes with ease.


This tenor does come in all new pads, with brown plastic resonators (pads with Pisoni materials made handmadely). A complete overhauled, news springs, felt and a full repad by one of the best argentinian luthiers Hernán Galeano


It is sealing perfectly, allowing a whisper to low Bb. The feel is extremely comfortable, just like an extension of the hands, as it should be.